We would like to introduce you to Jenko's Mongolian Barbecue. Enjoy nutritious, delicious, fresh and tasty food made to your liking and cooked before your very eyes. And all that you can eat for just £14.95..

For our ferocious meat eating warriors indulge in one of our succulent 10oz steaks cooked to your liking as you watch, for the cost of £17.95 plus all you can eat from the Mongolian Barbecue..

For those of you who can't manage the two but can't resist the steak 'n' chips just £12.95.

Why not complement your meal with one of our home made side orders......

Fresh feta salad drizzled in our own special dressing £2.95.

Delicious home made crispy chips £1.95.

Griddled garlic bread made in house with real butter and fresh garlic £1.95.

Open evenings only Tues to Sat 7pm til late.

First, you fill a bowl with, say, noodles, broccoli, onions, mushrooms and beef (or cabbage and slivered potatoes and strips of pork; or scallions and little ears of baby corn and fish; or onions and bell peppers and chicken, or whatever).

Then, you proceed to a saucing station, where you choose from a selection of sauces & spices. Want a Szechuan sauce? Or a black bean sauce? Spinach? Garlic? Just follow the directions by adding a ladle of this, two ladles of that and a dash of the other, and you're set.

Carry the bowl to the chef, where it will be poured onto the Mongolian grill (a massive, waist-high cylinder that maintains a very intense heat) and stirred around with cool wooden swords.

The concept dates to the days when Mongolian warriors chopped their food with swords and cooked it on shields over an open fire. And I must say, anybody who can't enjoy the sight of a cook using a sword to stir sizzling food around a giant metal disk needs to get back in touch with his or her inner warrior.

The food comes from the grill hot, utterly free of grease, and filled with simple, direct flavours. Of the sauces, I especially recommend the Szechuan and the black bean versions, which are nicely balanced and quite palatable. But if you're making multiple visits, it makes sense to try small portions and sample the various sauces until you find one you like – and, of course, there's nothing to stop you from devising your own combination.

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